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Each year we receive thank you cards, phone calls, and emails of appreciation from our customers.
We are very grateful for the kind feedback. We apologize for not being able to post all of the awesome reviews, but we certainly try to post them when we have a free moment. 
We would love to hear from you. We post reviews submitted on our site, as well as from review sites. 
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Dear LEAP team,
I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible study material you provided. Thanks to your book, video content, and Exam A, I was able to successfully pass my LCSW exam.
Before discovering LEAP, I had initially turned to a competitor for study materials. Unfortunately, I found their prices to be exploitative and their resources unhelpful. However, once I found LEAP, everything changed. I received an abundance of support and guidance directly from your team.
I cannot stress enough how highly I recommend LEAP study materials to all social workers who are preparing to take their exams. In order to succeed, it is crucial to have the right resources at hand, and LEAP undoubtedly provides exactly that.
Not only did your materials enable me to pass the exam, but they also helped me acquire new knowledge and provided me with a clear vision for my future steps in this profession. I truly appreciate the effort and dedication that went into creating such comprehensive and valuable study materials.
Once again, thank you to the entire LEAP team for your outstanding work. I am immensely grateful for your contribution to my success, and I will continue to recommend your materials to my colleagues.

Rihab Mousa, Illinois 


After taking the exam 7 times, I FINALLY left several very unhelpful companies that push their products on Facebook. I found Leap and passed after reading the study guide once and watching the videos twice. I wasted thousands of dollars and I am so mad at the companies selling crap. I noticed one company that starts with a "T" even has fake accounts. Leap's materials were so much better. No wonder so many of the schools choose Leap. I am so happy I finally passed my social work licensing exam. I am proud to be an LCSW! 

T. Jackson, Maryland


I bought the LEAP study books for my BSW and MSW exams. I studied them daily for three months and passed both exams on the first try, Thank you, LEAP. The books saved me time in collecting the information needed to study, They proved to be a worthwhile investment. I have recommended them to friends and colleagues. 

Jody (JKH), New Mexico 


I purchased the video series and the study guide. While I found the series helpful it was really the book that helped me the most. I did however encounter questions I wasn't prepared for, especially in the pharmaceuticals. I didn't make a point to study that section in depth. Ultimately what was a great contribution from Leap was the test taking strategies. I don't do well with multiple choice exams and the strategies helped me narrow down the possible responses, especially when I wasn't sure of the answer. One more thing, Kim is very helpful and demonstrates true social work caring when you need something from Leap. She was born for this! 

Raul E., Arizona 


Watching the LEAP video where Kym and Matt has a conversation about the material helped me pass my licensing exam! Their casual and fun conversation made learning the material less of a chore and more of an entertaining experience. At points, I even forgot that I was learning!! I appreciate the time and energy they put into making those videos because without them, I wouldn’t have passed on the first try with flying colors! I highly recommend this product and will be forever grateful for the help LEAP provided in me passing my LMSW exam!

Kaitlin Emmert, LMSW


I'm pleased to announce that I passed my Masters ASWB exam!! You may share the good news with the Social Work faculty if you like. Thank you Concordia University for recommending LEAP, as I thought they were extremely helpful in increasing my self-confidence and ability to pass the exam!  

Sal Scherzer, Wisconsin


The Leap comprehensive study guide is very detailed and it covered what I needed to pass the exam! It was also helpful to watch the prerecorded videos where the advisors went through the book which helped me to know what to focus on as I prepared for the exam! I was able to take many notes while I listened! I am happy to say that I Passed the ASWB EXAM! If anyone is looking for a detailed study guide, I would recommend the Leap Comprehensive Study guide!

Mrs. Drifka 


As a practitioner with a few years under my belt and having delayed the test for some time, I was very apprehensive about taking the test. I utilized the book and CD's to study. I had delayed taking the online exam until just before the test. I had some technical difficulties and Kym, the webmaster, was super helpful. She was so kind and I have to say her assistance may have made the difference in my mindset going in. I passed the first time!
Thank you so much for the great customer service and the human touch that is so often missing.

S. Harris


Not only did I pass, I crushed it! I failed the clinical exam twice before finding LEAP, thank goodness I did! I used 2 different companies before and knew that I needed a good audio program to study as I am an audio learner for this 3rd attempt. I purchased the book and new video program. After studying for a few weeks, I took the online practice exam A and was surprised and upset that I scored a 68%, I buckled down for the next 3 weeks and took the book exam and repeated the online exam 3 days prior to the exam to get me into test taking mode, it truly helped my anxiety day of exam. On the real exam, I was able to see the questions so clearly compared to previous attempts. The strategies in the beginning of the book helped me so much. I also spoke with Kym (amazing woman!) 10 days before my exam so I continually used her strategies (which were in the book, but I'm an audio learner so it really stuck with me hearing her voice). My heart was racing when I saw PASS on the screen. And not only did I pass it, I crushed it! I only got 33 questions wrong. I highly recommend LEAP study material to any social worker. A valuable test tip -- breathe!!!! You got this!.



I just passed the Master Licensure Exam on the first attempt!!!! In using both the cd and prep book I studied everyday for 2 months. During the last two weeks of studying I purchased the LEAP tests, I found this mentally prepared me for the actually exam, in addition speaking to Kim from LEAP. I am definitely purchasing the cd and prep book again for the LCSW. LEAP is worth the money!!!!

Kim H.


I really appreciated the layout of the LEAP study guide and it's clarity in the content. I read the book 3 times through, as recommended, and I definitely feel like that was a sufficient amount to make me feel prepared and ready to take the test. Although I do feel like there was a lot of additional information in the book that wasn't on my test, that's not to say it couldn't appear on other versions of the test. Based on other materials I have seen for the LCSW exam, I think LEAP is the most clear, user friendly, effective test prep.

Hillary D.
North Carolina


My license journey:
I graduated with my MSW in 2013. After three failed exam attempts, I was officially defeated and seriously considering a different career choice. I made the decision to move cross country to California and was an ABA therapist for 4 years. I finally moved back to Maryland in April of this year and decided it was time to face reality and tackle the beast that is the LMSW exam.
I found LEAP thank the heavens above. In June I purchased the study guide as well as the video featuring the famous Kim and Matt. I officially signed up for my exam and I got to studying. Since I was only doing ABA in California, I pretty much felt like I had to retract myself from my social work education. Toward the end of my studying, I purchased online exam A and didn’t do so hot. I knew I still had about a week and a half left. I tackled the information from the exam that I felt I needed more time on.
Yesterday, I took my exam and PASSED. I couldn’t believe it!!! I was so nervous the entire time. A lot of the questions in the beginning seemed to be about community and organizational planning and I felt like I BARELY studied that. When I saw the word PASS on the screen, it took everything in me to remain quiet in the testing room and contain my excitement.

I cannot thank LEAP enough for the study materials and I will definitely be returning in the future for my LCSW exam (not that I’m in any hurry even though my test anxiety is slightly subdued) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU LEAP!!

Yours truly,
Roxanna, LGSW :)


My colleagues recommended the LEAP products as I prepared for the LMSW exam. I found the material easy to read and extremely helpful. I had been out of grad school for over 12 years as I was getting out of child welfare and into a clinical career. I was initially nervous but quickly found the practice exams useful. I took a practice test right when I got the study material and failed the test. This gave me a baseline of where I needed to focus on the areas of study. Each time I took a practice test I would improve my scores. I read thru the material twice and went into the exam with confidence. I would recommend the LEAP products to everyone. I will certainly be purchasing LEAP products again for my LCSW.

Gabriel L.


I passed my LMSW exam yesterday and I literally cried when I saw the words "pass" on the screen. This was my second attempt in passing this exam as the first time, I paid for a $350 two day class offered through my college and also purchased a guide book from a lmsw boot camp offered in NYC and the material was not easy to read and didn't learn anything, just gave the basics. I went into such a depression after not being able to start the job that I was offered at my internship, however, I pushed through and purchased the leap study guide and also the apgar book and read both materials each 3-4 times (I know a lot of reading) but it was very helpful for me. The time invested in reading the book was well worth it. I will be buying study materials from leap for my LCSW in the near future. Thank you Kim for your kind words.



OMG! I have to admit it. I procrastinated and only studied three weeks. I bought the NEW LEAP Licensing Prep Course Video, watched it twice and read the LEAP study guide every day (1.5 times total). I called LEAP for strategy help, which they provided for free because I was a customer! I passed well above the requirement. Thank you LEAP!!

M. Myer
New York


I just wanted to share that reading all the way through the full study guide, DSM, and using the audio CDs were very important in getting my mind back into the swing of assessments and the overall clinical nature of the material. But the absolute BEST thing was reviewing test taking strategies. Being familiar with where to go, what the environment would be like and, in particular, the day of the exam, being fresh, relaxed, and budgeting my time while planning for how to manage flagged questions. If I would have gone in my usual "fly by the seat of my pants" mode, I'm sure I wouldn't have passed! Thank you for such great material and the variety as well those tips from previous experience. Good luck everyone!

Shiela S.


The Leap materials were a fantastic way to prepare for the exam. I have used it for both my LMSW and LCSW and found it to be an invaluable resource. I highly recommend!

Yonason Witonsky
New York


LEAP offers comprehensive study guides that reflect the level of exam content and challenge for the Masters Level Social Work Exam. I used these excellent tools after I had completed another study guide. LEAP materials were superior! The general study guide offers an overview of the sections of the exam, the DSM V guide is a solid adjunct study guide that honed my clinical skills, and the online practice exam is the only practice exam that is culled from real life actual exams—and, I took it the morning of my bona fide exam and passed! That alone gave me the courage to take the actual exam with confidence. I will be buying LEAP’s study guide for my Advanced level exam in a year! The Best! Thank you, LEAP!

AD Rasa
New Mexico


As far as I know, Leap is the only resource that offers an audio study format. I am an audio “learner,” and believe this greatly facilitated my ability to pass my exam. I will be a returning customer for the LCSW study materials, and will likely purchase the study booklet to go along with the audio course.

Jennifer Grier


Very comprehensive study guide. The practice tests and instructions for review were very helpful!

Michelle Sobel


Fantastic study materials! Easy to follow. Very effective!! Very comprehensive study guide. The practice tests and instructions for review were very helpful!



The Leap program helped me target the material I really needed to know. Very comprehensive study guide. The practice tests and instructions for review were very helpful!

Alesha R Thomas, LMSW


I honestly don’t believe I would have passed my test without the LEAP program!

Erin W


I found this material searching the web and there were great reviews and testimonials, so I gave it a shot. I studied the material for over 2 months, just about everyday for 2-3 hrs. I loved the fact that the information was broken down, easy to understand and appreciated the study tips and practice exams. This was absolutely great study prep for the exam and I aced the test on my very first try!!!

R. Moore


I was extremely intimidated of the clinical exam. I wanted to pass on the first time because it can get very expensive and not to mention disappointing. Well I'm happy to admit that I passed on my first try!!!! I studied for three months and I used the study guide, audio DVDs, and the LCSW app on my phone.

Raven Waller



I studied for the exam the first time on my own reading about theories and taking several online exams. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and I failed it. I was determined to pass the second time. I ordered the LEAP guide as well as a few others. I read the LEAP book 3x took the test on the book 2x and the online exam as well. Luckily that seemed to be the right technique as I was able to pass with a good score. Thank You! It feels wonderful to have this hurdle behind me. Good luck !

Sally S.


I utilized both the LEAP Comprehensive Study Guide and the Audio CD’s to successfully pass the LMSW exam on the 1st try! I read, outlined, and reviewed the study guide three times, and I listened to each CD at least five times without distractions. The material was presented in a clear and concise manner that made it easy for me to comprehend. I even contacted the LEAP Team and they were more than willing to provide me with guidance that I definitely applied. Thank you!



To whom it may concern…

I really liked the combo of the test taking booklet and the CD’s. I used them exclusively to study from and my score on the test at the back of the book was 122 and within 4 points on the actual exam.

In terms of content the study guide gives you a well rounded review and the answer rationale helps with identifying the thought process the test demands. My experience is that this thought process is more of a challenge than the facts.

LEAP is all you need to pass the exam, and I had the same experience on the LMSW and LCSW. Great job! Thanks….

Yonason, LCSW

Yonason W.
New York


I took the Masters exam on June 4, 2016. I ordered the study guide and the DSM 5 diagnostic book. I studied the guide for roughly 6 weeks prior to taking the exam and passed more than 10 points above the score I was required to get in order to pass. The material is easy to follow, read, and comprehend. The material is organized in a logical way that flows nicely as you are studying through the book. For me, it made it like reading one giant social work textbook that held all the important/significant information from my classes at my fingertips. I still look through the book and use the DSM 5 book in practice. I’m preparing now to take the Clinical exam and plan on buying the updated materials. Good luck!



I used both the CD’s and the LEAP Guide to pass both my master’s and clinical exams. If you take the time to read the book and listen to the CD’s well in advance before you take the exam, then you will greatly increase your odds of passing. I can say that these materials helped me pass twice!



I recently passed the Master level Social Work licensing exam. I feel that the study guide I bought from Licensing ExAm Preparation Services, LLC played a large role in my passing the exam. I highly recommend this company and the study guides they produce.



After many years and several attempts, I FINALLY passed the LCSW exam!!!

I attribute successfully passing the LCSW exam to a strong support system, a positive mantra “I GOT THIS”, and the LEAP materials. I used the online practice exams, audio and written materials to help prepare for the exam. Thank you to my family, friends and colleagues for all of your support through my testing journey!



Basically, I read the material, listened to the audio, and reviewed what I learned from master’s program. My only suggestion for those who are preparing to pass their license exam.

William Jordan


I have horrible test anxiety so I needed the BEST material out there in order to reduce the anxiety. I was hesitant about LEAP but I gave it a chance. I read it 3 times like it was recommended and purchased the DSM diagnostic book as well. When the “Pass” appeared I was ecstatic. LEAP puts everything you need to know in a book. Passed the first time too!

Chris R.


I took the live class in Phoenix, AZ in 05/2015, around the time I graduated with my MSW. I heeded the advice about taking the exam as soon as possible after graduation, although I was disappointed to find out that, in Oregon, the LMSW exam was not required before accumulating hours toward the LCSW. I was also a bit nervous because I have since worked in child welfare rather than in a clinical setting.

I began studying in January 2017, and requested permission from the board to take the exam early (at 75 supervision hours). I read through the LEAP guide multiple times as suggested and I even ordered the DSM-5 summary guide. I did use a wide variety of study materials including the ASWB practice exam and practice exams available through other sites. It was all worth it, though, because on May 1st, I passed the clinical exam on my first try. I took two hours to answer the questions and took 30 minutes to review my answers.

The end result: I needed to answer 99 questions correctly and I had 114! The relief! My hands were shaking so bad, I had to sit in the car for at least ten minutes to regain my composure. The exam was pretty challenging as I kept vacillating between two answers and I had to fight my own anxiety and negative self talk. Now I am well on my way to private practice. Dreams do come true. If I can do it, so can you!

Roxanna D.


I passed my Masters Licensing Exam today. I used the L.E.A.P Comprehensive Study Guide. I am too thrilled! L.E.A.P is the way to go. The study guide covers all content on the ASWB masters outline. Loved the fact the practice test questions have detailed answer summaries. The practice test questions are very similar to the actual questions on the exam. I am so proud of myself. I promise you, you will pass if you use L.E.A.P products. Highly recommend:)

Whitney D.


I would have not passed this exam without the support and book that I purchased from Leap! My first test I failed by a few questions which discouraged me from retaking it because I really thought I did well. I researched to find material that may help me and I ran across Leap. I was still not confident, but I was desperate for any help I could get. Leap advised me to read many times and then call before my test. I reviewed the book briefly here and there, but due to personal issues I wanted to reschedule the test for a later date to prepare thoroughly. I was informed that was not a option, I would have to forfeit my money and repay to schedule at a later date. I was devastated and had two days before the test. I studied all day and night, more time would be recommended. On my way to to the test, I called Kim in a panic and she spend 30 minutes or more on the phone with me, reviewing, giving me examples and answering my questions. She encouraged me that I can do this! While taking the test I reflected back to our discussion and did exactly what she told me to do. It is extremely difficult because I felt as there was always two possible good answers to every question, so I had to reflect back to the information Kim instilled in me. At the end of the test, I hit the button to submit waiting to see the words FAIL and instead I saw PASS!! The long ride home in a traffic jam and the high parking rate no longer mattered, I had perma grin and no one could change that. I have Kim and the book to thank for my success!! Thank you so much and I wish I would have found this site the first time I tested, it would have eliminated my stress all together. The support is amazing, Thank you again Leap! I hesitate purchasing anything from the internet because I feel it make be a gimmick, but I am here to tell you Leap is real and so very helpful. I PASSED AND SO CAN YOU, THANK YOU LEAP!



I had taken the exam 5 years ago after being out of school for 10 years and didn’t pass using a different study program. This time a colleague recommended that I use the LEAP program. I am forever great-full she did. I used the LEAP program and it was the best program for me. I passed my LCSW and would recommend this program to anyone studying for the LCSW. It is a very comprehensive book and I used the audio CD’s while driving to and from work. I also purchased the online practice exam. I would have not passed without this program! It is very organized and concise and was just what I needed to pass!

Catherine R


I passed the LCSW on the first time thanks to the LEAP study material.



Hi Everyone,

I wanted to write a quick testimonial to express how the LEAP products helped me pass the licensing exam ON THE FIRST TRY! I used the MSW Exam Prep and DSM-5 books along with the audio CDs. The detailed information in the written materials coincided very well with the CDs (which I listened to over and over for a few months). Understanding that I am an auditory learner w/visual a close second, the two modalities of materials worked together (along with my focused, concerted studying efforts) to secure the information firmly in my mind. The material has not just been memorized–for the test–I now own it; I know I will successfully utilize it going forward in each of my future amazing endeavors.

Thank you LEAP for the helpful & encouraging telephone staff, affordable products and all you do to help licensing/certification candidates like myself achieve their dreams! I am thankful and grateful for your assistance.

New York


I passed the LSW using the comprehensive study guide. It was all I used! Thank you!!

Raquel Swardson


I easily passed the Master’s level exam last week on my first try and I have LEAP to thank! I purchased the study guide book and it made studying a breeze. I read through it three times, took the practice exam and felt well prepared to pass. I can’t say enough good things. I am now preparing to take the LMSW exam in MI and I’m about to purchase the clinical book from LEAP for that exam! The LEAP book covers almost every potential topic on the exam, so no question is a complete surprise and it gives sufficient information about the exam topics without being overwhelming. Thanks LEAP–highly recommend this study tool and best of luck to my fellow social workers!! Make a study plan using LEAP’s resources, stick to it and you will do great!



I purchased the LEAP study guide for the Masters Clinical Exam in July 2016. I took my exam in early August and passed! I am fortunate to have summers off (school social work) so I was able to devote a LOT of time to studying. The LEAP study guide had everything I needed to feel prepared for the exam. I have been out of school for 4 years, so I felt very overwhelmed and clueless when it came to making a plan for studying. Mostly because I had no idea where to start or what materials to use. The LEAP study guide breaks down content areas in an easy to follow format. It has just enough information, without overwhelming you with unnecessary text. I found that particularly helpful. The practice exams were also a key component for studying. The rationales helped me figure out my weak areas so I could adjust my focus. Last but not least, I had a very positive experience with LEAP staff when I had an issue with one of my exams. They responded very quickly and provided a solution within an hour. If you are questioning whether or not to purchase a LEAP study guide, DO IT. It’s everything you need in one book. What more could you ask for? Thank you LEAP!

Gina R.


I would like to take the time to thank Kym for putting me at ease. I have my bachelors in social work but I did not the passed the exam yet. After failing in 2014, I decided that it would be my last and I went back to school. As of right now I’m working full time while trying to complete my last semester in school while doing an internship as well. Lately, I had been thinking about retaking the exam one more time and this time I’ll do whatever I can to pass. I just want to thank Kym for putting me at ease and helping me in choose the right products. I cannot wait to post another testimonial in passing the exam. Sorry for calling you at 6:15am. I will be buying all of the products soon.


I passed with 127 questions correct for the ASWB exam on a test with a pass point of 95 questions, I annihilated the test! I purchased 3 other types of testing methods before LEAP and felt that each covered some of the material well but glossed over other areas, even after combining them i still felt uneasy and ill-prepared. The day before Easter I began to panic and found LEAP online at midnight and ordered the ebook and test A. At 9am Easter Sunday the materials were available for me to begin studying with my ASWB test Wednesday at 8am. I was so impressed by how thorough the guide was, there were charts and clear definitions, then practical examples to help me to clearly understand. I reviewed the material 3 times and took the practice exam, then i reviewed again and took test A. For every missed question-the correct answer is shown with the reason for its selection, but also the explanation why the other answers are not the best selection are also included, some questions have multiple answers that are very close and it really helped with those subtle distinctions! Then I reviewed the items I missed from both tests. Passing was critical to me because it means a promotion and out of state transfer with my company. Failing would have cost me that opportunity and with the other materials I would have surely failed. Thank you so much! I will absolutely be returning for my LCSW exam materials!

K. Hill
New Mexico


I took my LCSW Exam on 3/19/16 after only 4 days of studying, and I passed! I occasionally still look at my unofficial score just to make sure “Pass” is still there. Words of encouragement: “Once you pass, it will not matter how many times you took it or how much money you spent!” Keep at it! Thank you LEAP!!

Candace R.


LEAP exam test materials truly represent what is presented on their website. I used the LEAP comprehensive study guides (in 2011 and in 2015) to study for the LGSW and LCSW-C exams and I passed both! The study guides are very organized, detailed and comprehensive. I have referred several colleagues to the LEAP site so that they can have the same positive studying and test-taking experience that I had. Thank you, LEAP, I passed!!

Annette Hackey-Runion


I purchased the Leap Study Material on February 5, 2016 I listened to the audio several times and I took notes. I raised my score by 30 points and passed the exam!!!!! I will recommend LEAP to anyone that is trying to PASS their exam….



Here’s the truth: The LEAP program offered a two day conference for the Licensing Exam Prep at a University near me. I took it when I was finally getting around to accepting I was going to have to take this. That was about 4 years ago. Then I procrastinated. Took the test about 2 years after that and did not study like I should have and deserved a failing score.

Then I tried again – and studied but probably not like I should have and failed again! Now I was mad and determined. DSM 5 came out – and I went to the same LEAP conference and got the new material. My cohorts even gave me all their own material and I studied ways to answer the questions, ways to understand how to think like they want you to for the purpose of the test and felt more confident. Studied even better but missed passing by two points.

I was devastated. Not to mention feeling like maybe SW shouldn’t be my profession – but I know that I’m a good social worker and that literally this is about the material that is provided all in this LEAP guide.

SO with the pressure on – I exclusively studied with the LEAP guide. I followed their advice for the first time and read and reread the book, I asked for help studying, and received lots of support. Everyday I studied for at least one hour for two months. Carried the book with me everywhere I went. I broke up all the sections and focused a week on each section, at least an hour everyday. My husband quizzed me.

Day before exam I purchased Practice Exam A (with a $10 off coupon!) and did not do well but then I spent the rest of the day looking up all the answers I missed, and why I missed them… took their other un-timed test and did much better.

Not only did I pass, but with flying colors. WHAT A RELIEF. It’s over – I can continue to be a good fully licensed social worker:) This program is all that we need. Seriously. Thank you to the ladies of LEAP that accommodated me through email and thank you for the excellent material that I had all along 



When I passed the Licensed Masters of Social Work exam in 7/5/2014, I was happy that LEAP materials helped me. It was a work colleague that recommended LEAP. I am now recommending LEAP to other work colleagues, who had given up all hope.
Yes there is hope in passing your exam!!

Sonia Teague
New Jersey


I graduated with my MSW over 8 years ago, and took my Licensing exam for the first time today… and passed! I wish I had taken the exam years ago, when the information was fresh in my head. However, some of us are great at procrastinating. At this point, I was afraid of the test prep because I figured that most of it would be geared towards recent graduates and that I would have to go dig through my old texts to re-learn the material. This test prep package was ideal. I didn’t have to rely on any additional studying resources. I followed the instructions, and dedicated about an hour a day to studying for the last 3 months. I failed quite a few practice tests in the beginning, so it was clear that I really needed a program like this one. If you’re like me, I recommend purchasing the study guide, plus the Diagnostic Summary Guide, and then taking the online Exam A about a week or so before your scheduled test date. I was under a lot of pressure to pass, I have poor memory skills, and I have been working in a specialized area of SW for many years. With all of those factors, I didn’t think I would pass this exam on the first try – but I scored 125 out of 170!

New York


Was somewhat lost in my studying and was looking at disparate materials. I purchased the LEAP guide one month before my exam, read it twice, and completed the practice exam. Passed my exam and more importantly felt confident going into the exam! The LEAP guide was worth every cent.



I passed the National Clinical Social Work exam at the end of July, 2015. Considering that I received my MSW in 1985 and took what I believed to be my last national social work exam in 1991, it is not surprising that “You Passed!” popping up on the test computer screen immediately induced tears of joy and relief!

Despite practicing for 25 plus years and taking CEU courses throughout those years, I had lost quite a lot of information needed to pass the exam. I doubt that I would have passed the exam without the Leap prep materials and Kym’s wonderful pep talk. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

Thank you, Kym and Leap, for saving my bacon!



I have used LEAP material for both my LGSW and now my LICSW. I passed the first time around each time. I would recommend both the main guide and the DSM 5 guide. Both were easy to understand and helpful especially with the change from DSM 4TR to the DSM 5. Just one note-the DSM 5 guide still lists V codes which are now Z codes. Not a major issue.

Beth A


I passed the MSW state license exam on the first try thanks to LEAP!!!! This program is awesome and I recommend it to any one who is preparing to go to the next level on becoming licensed. Thank you LEAP and Kim. By the way Kim, I can still hear your sweet voice of instructions.

L. Gordon


Three months ago, I failed my first clinical exam. I realized I needed to change the way I study for the exam. So I ordered some LEAP products. Within less than three months later, I passed the exam with flying colors. I strongly recommend those with provisional social worker license to purchase LEAP products because these products are specifically made just for the social workers (compared to other companies that create similar products that includes in psychologists). Not only that but also LEAP products were created only by the social workers! I don’t think I would have passed if it was not for LEAP. Just recently, I recommended someone to check out LEAP products as soon as this person graduates with MSW. I know he will pass the first time when he orders your items. Thank you, LEAP for helping me to pass my exam!!



Seven years ago I graduated with my MSW and took the clinical licensing exam within two months of graduation as allowed by the state of Utah. I passed and have been working in the field since then accruing my 4000 hours. I finally had all my hours and applied to DOPL earlier this year only to learn I had taken the wrong licensing exam seven years prior. I was devastated and hysterical since the work we do in the field differs from what we learn in the classroom. In order to sit for the DSM-IV-TR exam I had five weeks to study and take the exam before the July 1st deadline.

After attempting to study on my own with various study materials, I consistently failed the practice tests. After speaking with my local NASW chapter and my alma mater, they recommended LEAP. I called Kym and she was confident I would be able to pass the exam within the five week time frame with LEAP’s study materials. I ordered the manual and Exam A. I read through the book once frantically, spoke to Kym again who suggested I read it only once more, but purposefully and methodically and take the practice exam. I got a 74% on the practice exam. (75% is passing.) I sat for the real exam a week later. I needed to answer 99 questions to pass and I answered 111 correctly.

While I certainly spent all my waking hours studying, I am confident that the reason I passed is because I was studying with the right materials. I wholeheartedly recommend LEAP to social workers everywhere.



After several tries and not passing the exam I almost gave up. After many years, I decided that I would give the exam one more, and the last try. I came across the LEAP website during my research. I called the number listed and nervously tried to explained the purpose of my call. Needless to say Kim was very patient and understanding, she pointed me in the right direction and suggested the materials I would need. I went ahead and got everything, the Study Guide, Diagnostic Summary, Audio and the Exam A. I have no regrets purchasing these items, I PASSED. Thank you LEAP!!!

P.S I recommend LEAP to anyone who is on the verge of giving up.

New York


The LEAP products helped me pass my LCSW exam! The combo of the Comprehensive Study Guide, Diagnostic Summary Guide and Online Practice Exams really helped! The tips for taking the test in the Comprehensive Study Guide were so helpful! I really used those tips during the exam. Thank you LEAP!



I was studying on my own for the test for many months. I had so much anxiety and felt I was not yet prepared to pass the test. I heard about LEAP and spoke to Kim personally. I purchased the manual, which was helpful, but the in-person course really got me focusing on the specific needed to pass. I had not taken such a long exam in over 35 years. Kim was available to answer my concerns and gave me a pep talk ! I am thrilled to have passed the LCSW with the ASWB on my first try, after being a practitioner in NYS for 35 years . I would highly recommend this course and the personal interest and encouragement given to me.
Linda Goldsmith, LSCW in Florida and New York, C-ASWCM

Linda G.


I am excited to announce that I PASSED the MSW exam on today! I appreciate Kym and her encouragement along the way. I used the Comprehensive Study Guide, Audio Course and the Exam A. I had been studying previous material but did not have any success. This material is exactly what I needed. The strategies were right on point. I will definitely be using LEAP to prepare for my clinical license. Thank you LEAP for helping me to reach this goal!



I took my LMSW today and passed! First try! Thanks for the quality materials to study.

David R


I attended the Leap test prep class and received the free study guide that comes with it. Reviewed the 3 times as suggested and took some free practice test online and the ones that came with the package. It took me about 3 weeks of studying I passed with 107pts . I did it you can too don’t put it off!



I did not pass my exam a few months back missing it by 3 questions and used a totally different company which I felt still did not prepare me well. I was at a loss because it has been so long since I have been in school. I called my local chapter of SW to see if they knew of any courses in our area that I could take. There wasn’t however the President of our Chapter recommended LEAP allowing me to borrow his materials and shared that he and two other people had passed and felt this program was a great asset to their studying. After going over his book I decided to buy my own with the DVD and the diagnostic book. I not only passed my exam I increased the number correct by a substantial amount. I felt very prepared and the materials that are presented in this program are what is needed for the exam.
I highly recommend this program and will pay it forward to any of my colleagues who are preparing for their exam.

New York


I tried another program, that (literally) put me to sleep with the broad content areas that it attempted to cover for social work and other disciplines. The creator of this exam was not a social worker. I felt discouraged, as there was no clear way to focus my attention and memory on this information, nor any way to actively grasp concepts. The LEAP diagnostic manual did a great job of presenting the diagnostic criteria, and then, through sample questions, provided the support I was seeking to focus and think through each section. The practice exams were great also, and the content areas were thoughtful, concise, and well written.
The LEAP exam was more challenging, in certain ways than the actual exam, so I was well prepared to pass on the first go.
I am glad that I purchased this program. Well worth the price and time invested.

Margaret H


I had to share that I passed the LCSW exam in PA, today, on my first try! Two and a half years ago, I used the LEAP Study Guide to pass the LSW exam after I heard about it from some recent MSW graduates. This time, I used the Clinical Study Guide, Diagnostic Summary Guide and purchased the Clinical Practice Online Exam. I am so proud of my accomplishments and recommend the LEAP system to all! Great products…thanks so much for the help LEAP!



The material really works. The manual and CD collection is AWESOME. I listen to the CD(s) so much my family began learning the material. (LOL) The manual is great. It really breaks down the material and explains the answers. The practice exams helps to familiarize you with the real exam. Therefore, it reduces some of the anxiety when you sit for the real exam. I’m loving you LEAP. LOL Thank you for helping me pass the exam. I am truly thankful. (LEAP is GREAT!!!)

Joyce Jukes

I’ve used the LEAP product to study the LCSW. I took the test for the first time on January 30 2015 and 10 points higher than the required score. Thank you LEAP for the studying tool in the guide!

Mang Yip
New Jersey


I passed my clinical exam today and can now say that I am an LCSW-C! I took the test about four months ago and failed by 3 points. At that time, I was using another well-known company’s study material. I invested quite a bit of money in them, and felt it would be worth it if it helped me pass. I remember at times feeling a bit overwhelmed, because there was so much material and in hindsight, the format was, well, just a lot…
I heard about LEAP products from another social worker. She raved about LEAP and highly recommended them. I checked out the website and was quite impressed with the products. I loved being able to read excerpts from their study guide as well as answer some sample questions. More impressive was the fact that the material is written by social workers for social workers. Sold! I purchased the clinical study guide, the diagnostic guide, and an online exam. (I also purchased an online exam through ASWB.) The material in LEAP’s books was formatted in a much easier and more reader-friendly way, compared to my prior study guides/books. And again, I can’t over emphasize the fact that the material was written by social workers. I was able to pick up on that many many times throughout my studying.
Preparing for this exam is quite a big deal. There’s anxiety and a time factor involved. There’s so much to review and retain. I say this because I truly believe that this time around, although it was “me” who passed, through my own efforts, commitment, and perseverance, it was the LEAP products that gave me the confidence to push through.
If you’re contemplating which study material to invest in, choose LEAP. You won’t be disappointed.
Good luck everyone! (And don’t give up!)



In November I decided that I wanted to sit for the clinical exam in December. A trusted colleague who is a Social Work Professor recommended LEAP due to their being known for having the highest rate of success, higher than other competitors. On November 28th I purchased all 3 of the LEAP online practice exams. I took the diagnostic exam and exam A without studying to get a baseline score and an idea for areas I needed to work on most. I am not suggesting that the way I chose to prepare is the best but this method has served me well in the past such as when I was preparing for a math test in college. Why? Because it reduces test anxiety & because it helped me mentally prepare & focus on answering questions carefully by identifying key words such as “Best”, “first” etc. When I took the actual exam on December 20th less than a month after purchasing the practice exam I was about halfway through the test when I decided that some of the practice exam questions were more challenging than the real exam questions (or I was just so well prepared & relaxed it seemed this way). I scored 107, 5pts higher than required in the state of Alabama, which may not seem like much but given the short amount of time I prepared I am very pleased. I have already recommended LEAP to other social workers I know planning to sit for their LCSW. I’m also going to recommend LEAP to my students as I teach social work part-time. Thanks for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a LCSW!



I DID IT!!!! I passed the LGSW exam today and have LEAP to thank! I could not have done it without the Comprehensive Study Guide and the Audio CD Study Guide. I highly recommend this material to anyone preparing for the license exam. It was WELL worth my money and I have already recommended it to my former classmates.

Brenda B.


I have been trying for some time to pass this LCSW exam and felt I was too old- age 64- to do it. I had lots of different hand outs to study but could not get organized. This licensing exam prep book was so well put together, so organized, great question exam that I did indeed succeed. I highly recommend it to everyone and encourage you to follow their suggestion of reading the book at least 3 times. It’s a great resource too. Good luck to all.

Nancy G.


Thank you LEAP for a really comprehensive collection of materials. I purchased the audio CD’s study guide, online exams and DSM study guide. I may have over done it! But by consistently reviewing material (between 2-4 hours on most days, for approximately 2 months), I am so happy to share with you and any one who is considering the financial commitment of Leap products that on December 1st I passed the MSW licensure examination, on my first attempt.
I like many others, I have test anxiety and I had procrastinated since graduation in May of this year about when, how and if I could/should take the LMSW. My advice to anyone prone to procrastination and wary of the financial investment is to first book an examination date to work towards (this really helped my focus),and then to purchase LEAP products. It worked for me and I am sure a large part of why was that I had a structure to my studying (something I had struggled with using other study materials). In retrospect I probably did not need all of the materials that I ordered, but I urge anyone reading this to think about how they learn and mix and match their products accordingly. I study better alone, and although this works for me it can feel rather intense and isolating, because there is no getting away from the fact that it is all on you. Recognize your own personal study style and go for it. If asked I would say that I found the audio tapes and online examinations to be the most useful for me. This is I am sure because It felt more proactive and the voices on the CD’s became old friends sharing my journey. I (incidentally) do not have a BSW and I am an older graduate in my fifties. Don’t be daunted by the amount of information you are flooded with – you graduated, you can and will do this.



Finally passed!!! Couple of points: graduated with BSW in 1997, passed Ohio basic LSW after three attempts; graduated with MSW in 2001 but decided not to pursue the Masters level license due to past traumatic experience. Moved to PA in 2007, and decided to give it a try. Studied, used multiple guides, but FAILED miserably!!! Anxiety set in!! Didn’t need the license for my current position, so I decided not go through that experience again. About a year ago heard about the LEAP program via a former classmate who failed the exam over five times, he enrolled in their program and passed. Thought I would looking into LEAP. Spoke to Kim at length and I decided to purchase the study guide, and CD’s. Per Kim’s instruction I studied for three months, 5 days a week reading the study guide book 2 hrs daily, and listened to one CD daily for two months. Which I did while on my lunch break. Sure there were days I decided not to study!! Rested!! I was extremely anxious prior to the exam, and was shaking. Sat for the Masters level exam and FAILED by only two questions. Spoke to Kim after, she reassured me that I knew the material, which I did; but needed to address issues relating to my anxiety. So, second time around used the Study Guide to focus on the areas of weakness (two chapters), addressed issues of anxiety by reviewing test questions (over and over and over). Only listened to specific CD’s related to my areas of weakness. Did this for little over a month prior to exam. Sat for the exam and PASSED!!! For many folks anxiety is major issue to overcome to pass exams, its not that you don’t know the material! I hope my experience helps. Don’t throw in the towel, keep trying, even if you fail after studying, and finally thanks to several long conversations with Kim and THEIR study package I did it!!! FINALLY!!!!

Bobby K.


As of 11/22/14 I’m a licensed social worker in the state of PA. Before purchasing LEAP materials, I had taken the licensing exam a few times and wasn’t successful. The LEAP guide and practice exams helped me to succeed. I couldn’t have passed without these materials. My score was above the passing mark. I feel that all my hard work and effort really paid off. “Never Give up!”





I passed my LMSW today! I invested in the Leap Study guide and the audio and felt that it really prepared me for the exam. I also want to thank Kym for being so kind and understanding when approaching her with questions about the leap study material. Thank you for helping me reach this goal!!!!

B. Tate


I am pleased to report that as of 12pm today, I passed the LCSW exam in CT. I used LEAP Clinical Comprehensive Study Guide, LEAP Clinical Diagnosic Summary Study Guide and bought test A. I feel that the LEAP program really prepared me for the test. I read both books 3 times and took each test twice (at the beginning and the end of my studying). LEAP prepared me for the test. I am so grateful for your services. Thank you for making a dream come true.

Kelly L.


I passed the hardest test thus far in my lifetime. Today (7/26/14) I passed the Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW) examination in Chandler, Arizona.

LEAP’s live class, Study Guide, Diagnostic Manual, and Audio CD Set – provided a comprehensive network that clarified and organized the abundant information required to pass the LCSW examination. The suggestion in the LEAP Study Guide states to study at least 1.5 hours per day for 3 consecutive months – that was very true for me. Thank you Kim and your staff of professionals that were supportive and encouraging every step of the way…I would highly recommend LEAP’s comprehensive program to every Social Worker that aspires to be licensed to practice.



I studied from flash cards made by another company for four months before purchasing the study guide. I took the plunge when I did miserably on a practice test despite studying. I wish I hadn’t wasted my time and had gone straight for this study guide. It is very comprehensive with enough relevant content without being too dense. I’ve been out of school for two years and this was a good reminder of specific theories, medications, etc…

I read the study guide for one hour each day for a little under two months. The content section is about 250 pages, so I was able to read the book twice through taking careful notes in the margins. I passed the exam with a comfortable cushion- this guide prepared me well.

I will come back to this product line when I take the clinical exam in a few years. It was worth the cost for me!

Sarah L.
New York


This morning I had taken my LCSW and passed on the first attempt. LEAP study materials were right on target and prepared me how to correctly look for the right answere. LEAP is the best!!!!! I used LEAP’s Master’s level book when I studied for my LMSW. Prior to taking my LMSW I had used another brand of SW exam books and two failed after attempts. When it was time to take my LCSW LEAP was the one and only company I contacted. Keep doing a fantastic job!!!!! Amanda and Kim are wonderful!!!!!

New York


I had graduated from school four years ago and was extremely concerned about passing the test. I purchased the Clinical Social Work Exam Study Guide, studied for approximately 60 days and passed the exam on the first try! The guide was easy to read and understand! I would highly recommend!!!!!

Alexis M.


I took the LCSW back on 8/7/13. This was the 2nd time I used LEAP (used for my LMSW) and passed on the first attempt. LEAP in my opinion, is the best product out there in preparing for licensure. I always suggest to everyone I know whose planning to take the exams to use LEAP. The study guide is the bomb, and the live seminar provides so much insight in how to prepare for the exam. The cost of the materials and the live seminar are minimal, considering the benefit you receive. Thanks LEAP, you guys are great.

Janet C.
Atlanta, GA



LEAP materials are by far the best in the industry. I spent a while researching other exam prep materials and none compared with LEAP. I took the Clinical ASWB exam and purchased the Clinical Comprehensive study guide, audio course, and diagnostic summary guide. Each one of these items offered something that the others did not, and served as a great comprehensive study guide all together in studying for my exam. The materials arrived within a week of purchase, and were very nice. I studied for 1 month 3-5 hours/day. I listened to all 6 CD’s twice all the way through, got through the Comprehensive study guide almost 2 times all the way through, and read the diagnostic summary guide once all the way through. I also took the practice test in the back of the Comprehensive study guide before I started studying to see what my weak areas were. It is so nice because after the test, it gives you all the answers and the rational for why those are the correct answers and others are the wrong ones. I also did all 90 vignette questions in the diagnostic summary guide, they were very helpful in testing my knowledge of the DSM. LEAP recommends that you get through the entire study guide 3 times all the way through before taking the exam, I completely agree with this and would give yourself about 3 months to study. I have seen my friend’s study materials and they are not nearly as comprehensive as the LEAP materials. I passed my first time with an 85% (and you only need a 70% to pass in the state of UT.) So I passed with flying colors!! I know it is because of LEAP that I passed my exam. Thank you!!!!!!



WOW! I’m so excited to say that I passed the exam I tried four years ago and decided that I needed to prepare thoroughly. My co-worker, who had recently passed, suggested LEAP. I took the course the summer of 2013 at Howard University. What I learned were strategies. I have been a professional social worker for over fifteen years and had been told many times that my strength is my clinical skills. Still, the exam was a challenge. After understanding how to approach the exam, it all made sense. I would recommend that you take this course prior to taking the exam. It’s well worth the cost.



I have taken the test few times since 2004 I graduated. I ruled out taking the test because each time I would be one or two points away from a passing score. I studied less than two months and I also bought the online Section A exam. I completed the timed and untimed exams. Today, I took the exam and PASSED!!!! Thank You LEAP !!!!



The materials provided by LEAP are thorough and comprehensive. If you follow the directions laid out in the comprehensive study guide you will most definitely pass the test! I plan to buy the updated version when I take my LCSW exam in two years. Thank you, LEAP!



Both the LEAP LGSW/clinical and diagnostic study guides were invaluable to me in my preparation for the test. I took the test in November 2013 and passed with flying colors first time around thanks to these two study guides. Highly recommended!



Just had to share…I passed my Clinical SW Exam today…your materials were my source of info…and I studied them thoroughly. Thank you!

Carol D.


I received my MSW over many years ago. In that time, I have purchased several other study guides for the Masters-level exam. Nothing compares to LEAP. Before purchasing LEAP, I failed the exam several times. The other study guides did not compare. Much of the content in these guides were not even on the exam. I became depressed, and gave up on the idea of ever becoming licensed. After 2 years, I decided to try again. I decided to purchase the study guide, online exam, and CD’s from LEAP. I studied for 3 months and listened to the cd’s on my commute to and from work daily. On the day of the exam, I was literally shaking. Before entering the testing center, I was able to breath slowly and remember to tips I read in the study guide to ease my anxiety. Finally, I passed! When the shock wore off, I began to cry tears of joy. I am finally an LMSW!

Thank you LEAP for helping me advance my career!



I passed my BSW Licensure with the help of the LEAP Study Guide and free practice test questions available through the website. I highly recommend the study for success!!

Whitney Davis


Thank you LEAP for your help! I PASSED!



Thanks so much for offering the study materials. I passed my examination earlier today because I was sufficiently prepared thanks to the study guide, audio CDs, and LEAP Exam A. Many, many thanks!

Jasmine G.
District of Columbia


LEAP thank you so much for your thorough but concise study materials that helped me pass my exam. I studied nearly every day for 3 months off the study guide, diagnostic guide and the audio cd’s.




“This was my second time taking the exam. The first time I took it I missed my 3 points. A year later with the combination of the study guide, diagnostic manual, Audio CDs and the live class I felt confident that I would pass and I passed my masters exam!

Thank you so much, I will definitely use you guys for the clinical exam!”



“Today, 5/17/13, I took the LCSW test in CT and PASSED on my first try! I bought the comprehensive study guide from LEAP. I studied it for almost three months. It provided me with relevant, up to date information, useful testing tips, and the two included practice exams helped to ease my testing anxiety.

Thank you LEAP for helping me to further my professional goals!”



I passed my exam on my first try on 5/2/2013. I did a lot of research before deciding on what study material to buy. The people at the NASW AZ chapter I met told me to buy the LEAP material. I bought the study guide with the two practice tests and one of the online practice exams. I shared material with another friend studying for the test and I have to tell you LEAP is the closest to the actual exam. The study guide is detailed and the only study guide you will need. I highly highly recommend the LEAP products.



I studied the test prep book and it was soo helpful!! The 2 exams at the back helped me know what content area I still needed to work on. I felt fully prepared for the exam! Thank you for keeping the study guides up to date!!



“If you are taking your aswb exam– you NEED TO BUY THIS PREP!
It works! I used it for my LMSW & LCSW & I passed both, no issues and was more than well prepared!



Your product was a life saver!!! Everything was straight forward and allowed me to pass my test with flying colors. Their practice tests helped me feel more confident when taking the real thing.



“Hi Kym, ,

I passed my LCSW test yesterday, on 8/28/2012! I am so excited to relay this news to you.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me over the phone, two weeks ago when I was experiencing some anxiety. I think I also had to adjust to your materials, as it is extremely (content driven). I would also like to thank Rusty, for talking with me briefly as well, while I was in my decision-making process, regarding the purchase of your manual. Rusty was patient. (I hope I am spelling her name correctly)

I appreciate your prompt service with the delivery of the licensing prep manual. I ordered the book on Friday, August 10, 2012, and the book was in my possession on Monday, August 13, 2012. I only had your book (licensing prep manual), in my possession for two weeks, prior to my exam date. I read the book cover to cover four times, since your suggestion (per the manual) is to read the book at least three times. In addition to this, I did have other materials in my possession as well, which I had mentioned in a previous phone call. However, I came to realize that those materials were 8 yrs old, (Yikes). Of course this new information did not help with my anxiety. I did retain some information on several of the main theorists and theories of practice, prior to receiving the licensing prep manual. However, there was also a great deal of new information and updates that I had to study quickly! Prior to receiving your manual, I took two practice exams, which I did not pass. It wasn’t until after I studied the licensing prep manual, that I began to pass the practice exams, and of course gained confidence. I am experiencing (excitement relapse) right now. I just made that term up, lol!

I am thankful that I contacted Fordham University for assistance in preparation for the LCSW exam, only to be referred to your company.

Again, thank you for your patience. I know I emailed you several times with past questions, in addition to making numerous phone calls as well.

I am so excited!



Best study guide out here!



I felt the LEAP program was very helpful. The booklet is very easy to understand. The material is very relevant and focused to the exam. I felt the full length practice exams were particularly helpful. I felt confident the day of my exam. I have recommended the LEAP program to several of my friends!



This is the best exam guide, out of any other prep material on the market. I took and passed my ex with confidence, thanks to LEAP!



Leap provided me with the confidence that I needed to pass the NJ LSW exam. I heard from others in the profession that the exam was difficult, that is when I decided to purchase the cds and study guide. I felt prepared for the exam after utilizing LEAP. Thank you for putting together a great package. I will buy the cds for the LCSW exam in a few months.



I found the combination of study guide and diagnostic supplemental to be great tools in helping me prepare for the LISW exam. I have been out of school for sometime and so the concrete review of information was helpful and relevant, and even though I was just coming off of maternity leave, returning to work and being a crazy new mom, I passed the exam with a really nice score! Awesome, and recommended.



I would highly recommend LEAP for anyone who is taking the LMSW or LCSW exams. I used LEAP resources for both test and passed with flying colors. I found the Diagnostic Manual to be an incredible learning tool. Thanks again LEAP!



The study guide was very helpful and I passed my exam on the first attempt. I have recommended it to a friend and she also passed her exam on the first attempt.



Concise and useful information to use long after passing the exam.



“I am so glad that your program was available. It really helped me to study well.
I have not worked for nearly 8 years and helped me be recertified.
I wish you also have online CEU credits available. Now I have to get CEU credits that are up to date for LCSW maintenance. I would love it if many of these great ceu courses are avaialble online so that I can save on driving everywhere…I am not that good at driving so much.
thanks so much again.”



I graduated from College 15 years ago with my bachelors in Social Work. I never needed to be licensed in my job, so I never took the test. Employment circumstances have changed and I decided to start studying for my exam, but didn’t know where to start. I found LEAP online and decided to order the study guide. I read the book front to back and continuously quizzed myself. This is the only book I used to study for my exam…15 years after graduating…I passed my exam! This is the best study guide and totally worth the money!



I am super happy to share with you that I passed the exam on my first attempt!!! I found the practice exams in the comprehensive study guide very helpful!! Thank you!



I bought the LEAP study guide and it was extremely helpful! The practice exam at the back of the book really helped me get an idea of what the actual exam would look like. After 4 years of college, it’s hard to remember everything that I’ve learned and would need to remember for the exam but this study guide did a great job going over almost everything of importance. Without this study guide, I’m not so sure that I would have passed the exam! Thank you LEAP!!



“I PASSED my LGSW exam for MD in 2011. The whole exam package was very helpful. I had the 6 CDs which I listened to in the car ALWAYS, I studied the comprehensive guide 3 1/2 times and I devoted over 3 months in the studies. I took the practice test initially as you had suggested before studing, my score then was not very strong, then after studing the book twice I took the online clinical practice test exam which was better. I studied more and then took the practice test again, then I became confident in myself . Everything was very helpful. I have taken this exam four times and have always not made it by 2-7 points. This time, I did cross over and with a big margin. I have bridged the gap that people with English as their second language cannot succeed in such tasking exams! And to my fellow colleagues who have been struggling, DO NOT LOSE HOPE!! Continue trying. Remember-Continue to assess the situation. That became my mantra at some point.

Thanks Kym again for putting out the materials for ME. I feel so much empowered to continue on my career path and doing what I love doing-SOCIAL WORK. God bless you all.”



I found the study guide in preparation for taking the exam very helpful. I would strongly recommend the guide, especially for someone who has not taken the exam for a while and or need some recollection of things learned at school. I also liked the testing tips, which was helpful when taking the exam.



This course is the most amazing method for prepping for the test. I passed the 1st time and received a high score. The audio program and rhe online tests were the perfect combination for me! Thanks Kym/LEAP.



The LEAP Products were very helpful in preparing me for the licensing exam. I found the study guide and the cds very helpful. They broke the information down in a way that was not too overwhelming. I liked how the information was broken up into sections covering a wide range of subjects. I would recommend these products to anyone who is preparing to take the licensing exam at the bachelor’s level.



I only bought the study guide, and I did extremely well. I read through the guide three times and it prepared me for the test. I did need to take the test twice but I have test anxiety, and I missed the first test only by 1 question. I think that’s awesome.



I failed the exam 3 times before attended LIVE LEAP. I highly reccomend the training – I had attended other but nothing was as clear & concise as LEAP! It made difference in me passing rather then failing again.



I attended the workshop February 2012 and took the exam 6 days later and passed! This class was very helpful, it was as if I broke the code to the matrix (test comprehension)!!



I felt so much more confident going into this exam after listening to the audio study guide.



I passed my LBSW exam and felt that using the LEAP study guide was a huge contributing factor to my success. The book is designed perfectly and the questions in the back are a great representative of what you can find on the actual exam. I was very, very happy with my investment in the study guide and have recommended it to all my classmates.

Anne Sanchez


I have never been a “studier” and was a little bit nervous to begin studying for my licensure exam. The layout of the LEAP study guide is arranged in a way that promotes studying the materials in easy to handle sections. The format of the questions mirrors the style of actual exam questions and helped me to use the study strategy of reading the question thoroughly and recognizing what is actually being asked. My primary study materials were the LEAP study guide and audio CDs. I scored a 134/150 on the Bachelors exam, and I plan to start studying soon for the clinical exam. Thank you LEAP!


I’ve told many of my friends about LEAP. I passed the exam in 36 days. Thank you!!!


Don’t try to take the test without LEAP!

Keith K.
Forensic Counselor


I used both the LCSW-C study guide as well as the diagnostic study guide (which I borrowed from a friend – this is how I learned about LEAP). I did not have too much time to study as I have a full time job as well as a contract part time job, but I took some weekends and a few days off work to study. Taking the practice tests helped, as well as familiarizing myself again with some of the material I haven’t seen since grad school. I passed my clinical test on the first try. I also passed along my study guide to a coworker, and I have been telling others about this company’s materials.


MSW graduate in 2011, I applied for licensure and had until September 2012 to take the test. I procrastinated because I was afraid to study and test. I realized I only had 3 weeks to take the test and pass. I ordered the online exam, study guide and cds. I studied about 3-5 hours a day a least 5 times per week. I took the test and passed after studying for only 3 weeks. I was ecstatic! Thanks LEAP.


LEAP had a huge impact on me passing licensure on my first try! Thanks LEAP guys!!!


“Were it NOT for your study materials, I do not feel I would have passed. Utah did not provide me an actual score on my exam, but I felt I passed with flying colors thanks to the study guides and the practice exams. I followed others advice and read through the materials and took an exam each month for 3 months prior to taking my exam. This was the most beneficial in learning how questions were worded to pull out the correct answer, and not what my experience would guide me to.
Thanks again LEAP! Couldn’t have done it without you!”


I had the misfortune of using an inferior study exam prep course and failed twice! After the easy to understand instruction (Study for 3 months) I passed with room to spare. I am an advocate for this system. You guys are the best there is out there! Anyone needing to pass the 1st time, needs your course!


LEAP made it so easy for me to pass my exam. I listened to the audio cds during my daily commute and read through the study guide in my spare time to reinforce the cds. I took my exam within 2 months of graduation and passed with flying colors! I will definitely use LEAP again once I am eligible for the clinical exam. 


Great information; I still listen to the CDs while I am working and I also use the study guide as a reference. I had allowed my license to expire because I was raising my children and caring for my mother that was diagnosised with Alzheimer’s. I was apprehensive about retesting and your product is exactly what I needed. It prepared me for my exam as well as boosting my confindence to return to the field of Social Work. Thanks for your product!! It was worth the money.

03/05/2013″Leap has by far the best study preparation materials out there. I felt extremely prepared to take the clinical social work exam and I passed easily. I highly recommend ordering all of the materials especially the audio cd’s and the online practice exam.

Thanks again,

Cecily P.



“The materials were very helpful as a guide in studying for the exam. Excellent and quick overview of all the key study areas needed.

Thank you,
Linda Bird”
Linda B.


I took the Master’s Level Social Work Exam in KY. I was pretty fortunate that the university I graduated from required an exit exam in order to graduate however my program did not everything I felt I needed to know in order to pass. I purchased the study guide which filled in those gaps that wasn’t covered in my MSW program. The study guide was very detailed and provided practice quizzes that also helped me prepare. 


I liked the study guide a lot. It was well organized, complete, concise and easy to use. The content material was relevant to the exam. The audio discs were also great to add extra study time in the car to and from work.


I really appreciated the weekend course I took from LEAP to help me prepare for the LMSW exam. It was a great refresher and helped me feel more confident in my knowledge of the materials. It also provided a lot of useful information about the exam itself (formatting, question phrasing, etc) that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. I plan to take the course again in a few years in preparation for the LCSW exam, and have recommended it to several friends. 


Your class was extremely helpful, right after the weekend class, I scheduled a test immediately. Your pre/post test given during the class was very accurate, especially in my case. I passed the clinical test as predicted, 10 points + above passing grade. I highly recommend your classes you offer. Thank you so much…